Artistic duo Cooking Sections (Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe) conducts a media and widespread campaign in the urban spaces of Rome to raise public awareness on the impact of food production and consumption on the climatic climate crisis.
The Becoming Climavore campaign will respond to this urgency, involving policy makers, activists, local communities and artists, activating an international collaborative network and contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda – SDG 2: Achieving food security and better nutrition; SDG 13: Acting for the climate; SDG 14: Life below water.
CLIMAVORE is an international project started in 2015 and dedicated to the exploration of the relationship between climate emergency and the way we eat.
Omnivore, carnivore, vegan, locavore… CLIMAVORE recognizes that new ‘seasons’ are emerging. The lines between spring, summer, autumn and winter are increasingly blurred, while periods of ocean pollution, land depletion, subsidence, pandemics and drought are increasingly frequent.
-15th and 30th June 2021 - How can a city become CLIMAVORE?
Open session and workshop by Cooking Sections / Orchestras of Transformation with the participation of 12 cities (Concepcion,   Cordoba,   Mar   de   Plata,   Santa   Fe, Tenerife, Leeds, Montreal, Bogotà, Cape Town, Gwangjiu, Mexico City, Rome), local governments and institutions to know and learn more about the Climavore project and Cooking Sections campaign, and to deepen the awareness on the relationship between food production and climate emergency, developing concrete scenarios and activities.
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-14 October 2021 – Palazzo delle Esposizioni and The Orchestras of Transformation present Cooking Sections Becoming CLIMAVORE
On 14 October in the Auditorium of Palazzo delle Esposizioni, on the occasion of the final session of the Festival of Sustainable Development organized by ASviS, CLIMAVORE project is presented by the curators of The Orchestras of Transformation with the contribution of the chefs Roberta Virgilio of the Caffè delle Esposizioni and Alessandro Circiello of the Ristorante Esposizioni.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni has released its commitment to CLIMAVORE, thus becoming the first institution in Italy to remove salmon from the menus of its catering points and to offer to the public dishes rethought in CLIMAVORE.

The chef Alessandro Circiello of the restaurant Esposizioni joined the project and became CLIMAVORE by removing the salmon definitively from his restaurant menu.
At the end of September, on Turner Prize 2021 nomination recurrence, the Cooking Sections launched a network of over 20 institutions in the UK (including TATE and Serpentine Galleries) that propose CLIMAVORE menus in their restaurants.
Therefore, the Italian campaign wants to symbolically open to other museums, foundations, and Italian contemporary art centers that will adopt the CLIMAVORE philosophy in their bars, restaurants, or catering services management.
-19 October 2021 – Cooking Sections. Becoming CLIMAVORE
curated by Le Orchestre della Trasformazione
During the meeting, Caffè delle Esposizioni will present and taste the CLIMAVORE menu by chef Roberta Virgilio in collaboration with the English duo. The menu includes the introduction of dishes composed of ingredients that help soil and water regeneration, promoting new lifestyles able to respond to the challenges posed by the climate crisis. In particular, the fennel used in one of the dishes is produced by aquaponics cultivation, an innovative plant production with a positive impact on the environment.
Come back to visit us, and stay tuned to follow up CLIMAVORE process!

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