Jasmeen Patheja
is an artist and human rights activist living and working in Bangalore. Her artistic practice focuses on developing socially engaged actions with the aim of drawing public attention to gender-based violence issues.

I Never Ask for It/Se Dico No è No is the new podcast of Blank Noise, a project of artist and activist Jasmeen Patheja committed to ending sexual and gender-based violence and victim blame. it is conceived as a dialogue between the artist’s practice and various activist communities in India and Italy and it is co-produced by Blank Noise and Azienda Speciale Palaexpo - Palazzo Delle Esposizioni di Roma, in the framework of the project Orchestras of Transformation curated by Locales and Visible.

Over nearly two decades, Jasmeen Patheja has developed a practice rooted in listening, and worked with communities to build testimonials of sexual violence through intergenerational and transnational listening groups, organize performative actions in the public space and awareness campaigns to collect testimonials of sexual violence, arrest victim-blaming and claim the right to be defenseless.

The podcast brings together women, non-binary persons, feminists, megaphone holders, provocateurs across lived realities, social identities, contexts, and geopharies to respond to shared themes of fear, warnings,  victim-blaming, desire, and the right to be defenseless. 

The podcast is located in response to ongoing initiatives such as I Never Ask For It mission, Meet to sleep, and step by step guide to Unapologetic walking, and reflects on topics like intersectionality, homo-transphobia, victim-blaming, decolonial feminism, right to public space, movements, and artistic forms of activism.


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